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How Cannabis Helps Veterans Treat PTSD

Cannabis is now being considered as an excellent herb with amazing medicinal benefits within the United States. Many studies have been conducted to figure out the therapeutic advantages of this herb as well. From those studies, researchers have concluded that marijuana is in a position to help veterans get rid of PTSD.

PTSD, which is also known as post-traumatic stress disorder, is an anxiety condition, which can take place as a result of severe episodes that person experiences. Veterans are more vulnerable to getting PTSD because of the traumatic and life-threatened situations they have experienced. This fact has been verified from statistical figures as well.

Veterans who find it as a difficult task to gain access to cannabis tend to get used to alcohol or other illicit substances because of PTSD. Veterans who are affected with PTSD feel helpless, and they get used to drugs, even if they have a clear understanding of the harmful side effects that are associated with them. However, cannabis is in a position to provide an effective treatment for PTSD, without subjecting the veterans to any harmful side effects.

A Washington cannabis dispensary, Clear Choice, quoted the lead physician at a veteran’s marijuana trauma center on the plant’s medicinal benefits. Dr. Michael Hart regularly treats veterans suffering from PTSD with cannabis.

“Cannabis can be an extremely effective treatment for PTSD. We’ve seen countless situations where patients had become dependent on opioids, alcohol or antianxiety medications and were seeing their symptoms worsen,” said Dr. Hart. “Cannabis, as an adjunct to other forms of therapy, can be highly effective and relatively safe. But, to achieve the highest potential for success, it’s critical for patients to supplement treatment with regular exercise program and healthy dietary changes.”

Cannabis can reduce the occurrence of PTSD along with anandamide levels. In the human body, anandamide is responsible for activating the receptors, which can get activated through phytocannabinoids. The cause of PTSD is endocannabinoid deficiency. When you are affected with PTSD, your body is not in a position to produce enough amounts of endocannabinoids to activate the innate receptors, which are linked to the regulation of flashback memories, mood perceptions, digestion, metabolism, and behaviors. That’s where cannabis can assist you. Bonds linked to the respective receptors are in a position to relieve PTSD symptoms efficiently.

Studies find that standard CB 1 receptor signaling can deactivate traumatic memories of a person. As a result, the person would be provided with the chance of forgetting. However, endocannabinoid defects can give life to a skewed CB 1 signaling. As a result, a person will have to experience impaired fear extinction. The other health conditions that can take place as a result of skewed CB 1 signaling include chronic anxiety and memory consolidation, which are identified as hallmarks of PTSD. Therefore, it is imperative for the people to eliminate the endocannabinoid defect from the cause.

Cannabis is in a position to deliver positive results to any person, regardless of age or sex. Therefore, any veteran who is suffering from the adverse effects of PTSD can think about consuming medical cannabis without keeping any doubts in mind. You would love the results that are delivered to you from the consumption of marijuana in the long run.

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